All schoolboy pinning videos

All videos are encoded with windows media video.

To play HD contents smoothly, high performance PC is needed.

How to purchase videos

(1) Choose videos you wish to purchase. Video titles and samples are listed below.

(2) Contact and send video titles you wish to purchase. 

(3) Please wait until you receive the reply mail from It may take 2 to 7 days to receive the reply.

(4) After you receive the reply from, go to our shopping page shown in the reply mail.
The payment method is PayPal and you can use credit cartds.

(5) After confirmation process is completed, you will receive the instruction e-mail to share our google drive and download.
The process will take a few days or a week.

HD Theater 




#1  to #12

contains same contents of old #1 to #8

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$30.00 apiece

 #13 to #43

newly added

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$30.00 apiece

Prices shown above are in USD.


------ IMPORTANT NOTICE -------

(1) Fees are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled, please check your net work capacity before purchase.

(2) You cannot receive CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, even if you cannot get the video via download.

(3) A broadband connection is recommended to download.


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